Bia Huda Ice Blast quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Nghệ An

This bus advertising campaign in the Central region was launched to introduce and increase the awareness of Huda Ice Blast Beer.

1. Huda Ice Blast – Super product of Carlsberg Vietnam

Carlsberg is one of the first Danish multinational companies to come to Vietnam since 1993. This is also a famous brand that owns famous beer product lines in Vietnam, including Huda.

Huda has become a familiar beer for generations of Vietnamese people. In 2018, Huda launched the Huda Ice Blast Beer with an extremely cold beer taste and a modern and youthful appearance. In addition to high-quality materials imported from Europe, the special feature that makes Huda Ice Blast is the cold brewing process at -1˚C. The cold brewing process helps to retain the full aroma, mild bitterness and refreshing cool feeling.

Right after its launch, Huda Ice Blast Beer quickly won many prestigious awards. The most prominent are the iTQi Outstanding Quality Award in 2018, 2019 and 2020 in Belgium and the noble Gold award of Monde Selection in 2020 and 2021.

Currently, Huda Ice Blast is available on the market with both bottled and canned versions, which are very convenient for consumers. Summer has come, the sunshine of Central Vietnam will be dispelled somewhat when you enjoy Huda Ice Blast!

bia huda ice blast

2. Bus advertising campaign of Huda Ice Blast Beer

In 2019, Huda Ice Blast decided to bring an “ice storm” to many central provinces. With a special event like this, it is definitely indispensable for appropriate communication strategies and advertising plans. And in order to increase awareness and attract the attention of a large number of locals and tourists, Huda Ice Blast decided to put ads on the bus!

Huda Ice Blast’s bus advertising campaign was held on a large scale in 7 provinces and cities in the central region: Da Nang, Hue, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Nam and Quang Tri.

Bia Huda Ice Blast quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Đà Nẵng

Bus advertising in Danang for Huda Ice Blast

Huda Ice Blast chooses the bus routes with the most ideal routes in the provinces. Specifically, the bus routes have routes operating in the central area of ​​​​provinces and cities, bringing ads to appear in the most crowded areas. Besides, combine more ads on intercity buses to connect and expand advertising deployment areas.

Ads for Huda Ice Blast beer appear impressively on the outside of the bus body. Maquette advertises Huda Ice Blast beer appearing next to Dragon Bridge – a famous tourist symbol of Da Nang city. The extremely short advertising slogan ” “Extreme cold – Extreme refreshment” combined with creative images makes the ad stand out more than ever.

Bia Huda Ice Blast quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Quảng Bình

Bia Huda Ice Blast quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Quảng Nam

Bia Huda Ice Blast quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hà Tĩnh

Bia Huda Ice Blast quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Nghệ An


Sixth Sense Media is proud to be a companion with Huda Ice Blast in this large-scale bus advertising campaign in the Central region. Along with bus advertising, we are also pleased to launch another campaign for the brand: Taxi advertising campaign in 7 provinces of Huda Beer

With a wealth of experience, high expertise, proven service efficiency and benefits for businesses, Sixth Sense Media is very happy to have satisfied a big brand like Huda beer.

We specialize in providing bus advertising services in 63 provinces and cities nationwide with full support, special attractive quotes. So whenever you need to implement bus advertising, please contact us right now!

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