Quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội cho trung tâm ECORP English

In order to promote more widely for its international education organization, ECORP English was launched an advertising campaign on Hanoi buses for 3 months.

1. ECORP English – A pioneer in English communication training

The International Education Organization ECORP is one of the first English language training units to use the exclusive BSM brain stimulation method. The entire curriculum is conducted by 100% native teachers. As soon as they meet the course requirements, students will be granted communication certificates from units affiliated with ECORP English, and now Singapore International Academic Group.

Not only conveying knowledge, ECORP really wants all students to feel excited and build a passion in learning. Therefore, the organization has built and designed the curriculum with dynamic, youthful features, creating the most comfortable and fun feeling for students when studying here. The biggest goal of ECORP is to create self-confidence and a sense of excitement in learning.

Besides the quality of teaching, ECORP also built a system of spacious facilities. From the reception area to the classrooms, the presentation rooms are all modernly designed, creating the best learning environment and improving the quality of education.

quang cao tren xe bus tai ha noi cho trung tam ecorp english

2. Bus advertising campaign in Hanoi of ECORP English

The International Education Organization ECORP has been present in 4 provinces and cities in Vietnam. But in 2018, ECORP continuously opened new training branches in Hanoi. Therefore, this organization decided to promote promotion in this market through an bus advertising campaign in Hanoi.

Quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội cho trung tâm ECORP English

With target customers being students, ECORP determines the target communication area by choosing bus routes that move through schools and universities in the capital. The fixed route, combined with the frequency of advertising repeated several times a day, helps the ad to reach continuously, impress and increase brand awareness with potential customers.

Advertising maquette of ECORP is pasted on both sides of the bus body. With a fairly large size, images and message content about the organization are displayed prominently, helping viewers to receive them clearly. Advertising on the outside of the vehicle means that the design of ECORP appears on all locations on the route that the bus passes, reaching thousands of people every day.

Quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội cho trung tâm ECORP English

Advertising on bus in Hanoi brings high efficiency in terms of display frequency, reaching a large number of customers, and significantly increasing brand recognition. But the special point is that the cost of advertising implementation is extremely affordable. Even those with small and medium advertising budgets can build long-term advertising campaigns on Hanoi buses, positioning the brand in the capital.


In bus advertising campaign in Hanoi for ECORP English, Sixth Sense Media is pleased to participate in the whole process from: renting an advertising bus, editing the design, printing and pasting advertising decals on the bus. All bus advertising projects at Sixth Sense have a long-term warranty, monthly acceptance reports.

Sixth Sense Media provides the most quality, transparent and economical bus advertising service for investors. We have more than 12 years of experience in the profession and always receive many positive feedbacks from hundreds of projects we have done.

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