K-Food quảng cáo taxi Mai Linh năm 2019

K-Food is one of the loyal brands that regularly use taxi advertising to enhance its brand awareness. In 2016, 2018 and 2019, Sixth Sense Media is honored to accompany in 3 large-scale taxi advertising projects of K-Food.

1. K-Food – Famous food brand from Korea

K-Food is a brand from K&K Global Trading Company. This can be said to be one of the pioneering food units from Korea to Vietnam.

K-Food specializes in directly importing delicious fruits from Korea. Vietnamese consumers can experience the most famous and nutritious Korean fruits such as pears, strawberries, milk grapes, persimmons, etc. Due to careful preservation, all fruits when transported to Vietnam are still keep the freshness and absolute safety for the health of the user.

K-Food currently has over 100 stores in Vietnam, covering all major cities and provinces of the country. Although it has created a certain position in the market, K-Food has not stopped implementing advertising campaigns, expanding and raising its brand awareness even higher.

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Group năm 2018

2. K-Food’s taxi advertising campaign in 2016

In 2016, K-Food launched its first taxi advertising campaign in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for Korean strawberry products.

In Hanoi, K-Food deployed advertising on Thanh Cong taxi – a famous taxi company in the capital at that time. The new, clean, beautiful vehicle system along with the constant travel frequency brings the image of the product and the brand to appear everywhere. Moreover, advertising costs are also quite low.

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Thành Công 2016

In Ho Chi Minh City, K-Food selected the two largest taxi companies to advertise: Vinasun taxi and Mai Linh taxi. There is no need to argue because both of these two taxi companies fully meet all requirements to create both eye-catching and effective communication campaigns that make a strong impression on passersby.

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Mai Linh 2016

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Vinasun 2016

3. Taxi advertising project of K-Food in 2018

In 2018, instead of focusing on just one product, K-Food chose to promote all of its imported fresh fruits. This time, the company “played big” when inviting the brand representative, coach Park Hang Seo of the Vietnam national football team. This is also a character who is considered to have a big role in promoting trade and tightening the relationship between Korea and Vietnam.

Taxi advertising campaign in 2018 was launched in Hanoi. The taxi company chosen to advertise is Taxi Group – the largest car company in the capital.

Taxi Group also has a wide coverage in Hanoi, bringing the brand far away, reaching out to more customers.

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Group năm 2018

4. Taxi advertising campaign for K-Food in 2019

This taxi advertising project is implemented in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Coach Park Hang Seo continues to be the representative face in this campaign of K-Food with the very positive impact created in the campaign last year.

In order to ensure continuous visibility with optimal aesthetic appearance, K-Food continues to choose large and reputable taxi companies in these two cities: Tien Sa taxi and Mai Linh taxi in Da Nang, Vinasun taxi in Ho Chi Minh City.

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Tiên Sa năm 2019

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Mai Linh năm 2019

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Vinasun năm 2019


K-Food is one of the major partners that Sixth Sense Media attaches great importance to. The brand’s trust and return to implementing advertising projects for many consecutive years is also the motivation for us to constantly improve and improve the quality of our services.

With many years of experience and excellent staff, Sixth Sense Media builds the process and conducts the implementation of package taxi advertising projects, simultaneously across many provinces and cities.

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