Dầu ăn Neptune dán quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

In 2017, advertising on Hanoi buses was selected as one of the media for the campaign “Understanding to love” of Neptune Cooking Oil. This is a meaningful program and receives high attention and interaction from consumers.

1. Neptune – Understanding to love

Besides being one of the number 1 cooking oil brands in Vietnam, Neptune is also known for many meaningful communication programs. And at the end of 2017, Neptune was especially successful with the campaign “Understanding to love”.

According to statistics, women spend up to 2.5 months/year just doing housework. In particular, today’s women still have to work, still face the same pressures as men. That’s why Neptune’s “Understanding to Love” program was launched.

The purpose of the program is for Neptune to convey a message that encourages men to share housework with women. From there, they will understand more about the seemingly obvious sacrifices, love more the woman who has stood by them.

With such a meaningful program, it has certainly received a positive response. Neptune also continuously spread this message on many different media channels. One of them is advertising on buses in Hanoi.

Dầu ăn Neptune dán quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

2. Bus advertising in Hanoi of Neptune Cooking Oil

The advertising campaign on the bus in Hanoi was implemented by Neptune Cooking Oil right at the end of 2017. That is also when the program “Understanding to love” has just been launched and is in great need of public awareness from general public.

Advertising campaigns are organized on many different bus routes. With a diverse route, the program’s image is spread widely and quickly.

Dầu ăn Neptune dán quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

At this time, Neptune chose the form of advertising on the outside of the bus body with the largest size. Advertising maquette is pasted along the two sides of the bus like two eye-catching mobile billboards on the street.

With limited exposure to bus advertising, Neptune designed the maquette intelligently. Advertising maquette layout is clearly arranged, simple and impressive presentation. The advertising message is short but extremely catchy and easy to remember.

Dầu ăn Neptune dán quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

Advertising design is simple but impressive enough to make viewers remember

No need to be sublime, Neptune chooses the closest and most realistic images. All viewers can understand and grasp the purpose of the message conveyed from the first time.

Bus advertising campaign in Hanoi of Neptune Cooking Oil has been deployed for 3 months. The campaign takes place at the end of the year when the traffic density of the capital is high. As a result, the display effectiveness of the campaign increased significantly.

Dầu ăn Neptune dán quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Hà Nội


With many years of experience and professional staff, Sixth Sense Media is very proud to have successfully completed this meaningful Hanoi bus advertising campaign for Neptune Cooking Oil. We hope to be with the same brand to spread more good messages and programs like this to a large number of customers all over the country.

Neptune’s bus advertising campaign in Hanoi is carried out by Sixth Sense Media from A – Z. The effect that the brand has earned is extremely positive, both to demonstrate the benefits of bus advertising and to demonstrate its potential of bus advertising agency – Sixth Sense Media!

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