Nhà Đất 24h quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hà Nội

With the purpose of introducing and calling for people to download its new application, Nha Dat 24h has launched an bus advertising campaign in Hanoi for 3 months.

1. About Nhadat24h.net application

Nhadat24h.net is known as one of the leading real estate brokerage websites. To make it more convenient for modern users, Nhadat24h.net has launched an application that supports utilities for use on smartphone devices.

Nhadat24h.net application is an application that integrates many features of real estate and real estate marketing when posting real estate for sale and rental. The advantage of the application is the ability to filter by project name, street name, district, province in detail. When using this application, users can easily search for properties by price, area easily and quickly.

Nhadat24h.net application also has a map update function. This feature makes it possible for customers to search for properties near their desired location. And of course Nhadat24h.net application is completely free to use!

Nhà Đất 24h quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hà Nội

2. Bus advertising project in Hanoi of NhaDat24h.net

Nhadat24h.net deploys advertising on bus routes with routes operating mainly in the downtown area of ​​Hanoi. This not only helps ads appear on roads with high traffic density, but also promotes the frequency of vehicles operating up to 15-16 hours/day.

To create a quick and strong impression with a large number of mass customers, Nhadat24h.net chooses the form of advertising decals in the form of die-cuts on both sides of the body. The advertising maquette area is expanded to make the images and brand messages clearer, easier to see, and much easier to remember.

Nhà Đất 24h quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hà Nội

Maquette advertising Nhadat24h.net application is extremely simple. The message placed at the top with the large size creates the definitive call to action of the advertising campaign.

Nhadat24h.net’s bus advertising campaign in Hanoi has been maintained for 3 consecutive months. Outstanding appearance, continuous display frequency, repeated impact on the mind make customers remember, urge them to download the application. And in fact, the number of people downloading the app after the advertising campaign showed a significant increase.

Nhà Đất 24h quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hà Nội


Sixth Sense Media is pleased to become a companion in Nhadat24h.net’s bus advertising project in Hanoi. Exchanging and capturing information, requesting customers’ wishes from the campaign, we have researched, built and implemented the most suitable advertising plan.

The whole project is carried out from A – Z by a team of good, experienced and highly responsible personnel from Sixth Sense Media. We can confidently affirm as well as make a firm commitment to bring investors the most effective, on-time and cost-effective advertising campaigns!

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