Kiwi Zespri dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

Zespri’s Group taxi advertising project was launched for the purpose of promoting and increasing the awareness of Golden Kiwi products in Hanoi.

1. Zespri – The World’s Largest Kiwi Producer

Zespri is managed by a cooperative model with thousands of agricultural/agricultural partners in New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Korea and France. The purpose of this cooperative is to provide all customers around the world with nutritious and healthy fruits. Among them, Kiwi is one of the most prominent product lines of the Zespri brand.

Zespri’s kiwi from design to quality is appreciated. That’s because of the meticulous, thorough right from the stage of choosing the soil, the professional care process, saying no to pesticides, and the environmentally friendly packaging process. All kiwis that reach customers are transported in air-conditioned containers, ensuring the best freshness. Each product has a transparent traceable barcode.

Realizing the great potential from the Vietnamese market, Zespri invests in promoting exports and introduces its high-quality fruit to consumers.

Kiwi Zespri dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

2. Advertising project on Group Taxi for Kiwi Zespri

Hanoi is considered by Zespri as one of the ideal markets to consume products. However, this is also a highly competitive market, and consumers are also quite picky in choosing fruits.

Therefore, with the aim of quickly launching with customers in the capital, Zespri has chosen to deploy an advertising campaign on Group taxis for its golden kiwi product.

Kiwi Zespri dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

First of all, Zespri chose Taxi Group because this is the largest taxi company in Hanoi at present. In addition, this taxi company has concentrated operations in the city center, near hotels, restaurants, and large shopping centers – where Zespri’s potential customers are concentrated.

Next, the company chose to increase the advertising area in the form of advertising decals on both sides of the taxi door. Deployed on more than 100 vehicles, it means that Zespri creates hundreds of mobile billboards, bringing the image of Golden Kiwi everywhere.

Kiwi Zespri dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

Ads located outside the body of the vehicle are displayed continuously on the street, reaching customers from 20-22 hours/day. The long-term advertising campaign is the brand’s way of creating repeated impact, both to introduce and leave an impression about the Golden Kiwi product with the public.

Kiwi Zespri dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group


Sixth Sense Media is very honored to cooperate with Zespri in this advertising project on Group Taxi. With experience in implementing advertising for many foreign brands, we conquer customers with professional working attitude, transparent advertising process with clear and continuous periodic reports.

At Sixth Sense Media, businesses’ taxi advertising campaigns are supported from A – Z, with a firm commitment to efficiency and progress. In particular, the price we offer is not the cheapest but will be the most worthy for the optimal service quality you receive!

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