Nhà phân phối ắc quy Phúc Khôi đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên Dân trí

Phuc Khoi’s PR article on Dan Tri newspaper was written in an objective form, providing essential information for readers, then cleverly putting advertising information in a subtle way.

Phuc Khoi – Distributor of genuine imported batteries

Phuc Khoi is a unit specializing in trading battery products from many different brands in both Vietnam and many other countries around the world. Typical lines can be mentioned: Varta batteries from Germany, Amaron batteries made in the US – India, Delkor batteries in Korea, GS batteries in a joint venture with Japan, etc.

All battery products of Phuc Khoi are imported 100% genuine, committed to quality, long-term warranty in accordance with the company’s regulations. Besides, all items are balanced by distributors with the most affordable prices, ensuring that customers can buy genuine goods at good prices.

Not only interested in profit, Phuc Khoi also shows clearly about social responsibility and environmental protection. Specifically, this distributor has bought back old damaged products, directly discounting when customers buy new products at Phuc Khoi. The old products will be taken to the factory for treatment and recycling, ensuring that they are not harmful to the environment.

Along with the direct sales channel, at present, Phuc Khoi has developed an online selling website. Customers can track, research and buy products quickly at home.

Nhà phân phối ắc quy Phúc Khôi đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên Dân trí

PR article on Dan Tri newspaper for Phuc Khoi

In March 2021, together with Sixth Sense Media, Phuc Khoi conducted a brand PR article on Dan Tri online newspaper.

The article titled “5 good and durable car batteries trusted by Vietnamese drivers” was posted in the Cars – Motorcycles Category of Dan Tri online newspaper, which helps Phuc Khoi reach the target customers.

>>> View the article directly at: https://dantri.com.vn/o-to-xe-may/5-loai-ac-quy-oto-tot-va-ben-duoc-tai-xe-viet-tin-dung-20210319230458493.htm

Many brands when using online newspaper advertising make the common mistake of including too much advertising information. Especially, when posting ads in big newspapers like Dan Tri, dense advertising articles will definitely be cut off.

Understanding this, Sixth Sense Media gave advice to Phuc Khoi to deploy the article more reasonably. The content of the article shows readers the signs of needing to replace the battery, battery life and from there, introduces 5 types of quality car batteries that are trusted by many drivers. Advertising information only appears in a small space at the bottom of the article.

The article provides the necessary and sufficient information, attracting readers to follow all, creating sympathy for them. From there, when advertising information appears at the end of the article, it will be received more positively.

Phuc Khoi also linked the article in Dan Tri newspaper to the website, which is both good for web SEO and increased credibility with users.

Sixth Sense Media – Professional advertising agency on Dan Tri online newspaper

Sixth Sense Media is pleased to be an online booking company that has the opportunity to cooperate and support Phuc Khoi to edit and publish PR articles on Dantri.com.vn newspaper. As soon as we receive information and requests from brands, we will quickly research, select the most suitable newspaper and deployment method.

In addition to booking advertising on online newspapers, Sixth Sense Media also has additional services to support writing standard PR articles, designing quality newspaper banners at an affordable cost.

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