Patech has launched a series of PR articles on 5 different online newspapers to introduce products: wireless mouse, power bank and new generation wireless mechanical keyboards.

PATECH – Genuine distributor of technology products

Patech is currently the official distributor of many famous brands of technology accessories in the world such as: Pisen, Newmen, Zidli, Golden Field, Mad Catz…

Patech focuses on distributing mainly: accessories and components for phone and computer, smart cameras, and mobile repair services. The company’s store system has now been distributed from North to South, becoming a leading unit in digital accessories and digital electronic business.

New technology products, diverse in types, models and price segments are constantly updated at Patech. Customers not only enjoy an exciting and engaging digital experience, but also enjoy many preferential regimes and dedicated care at all stores.

To find and order technology products distributed by Patech, you can go directly to the store or consult and order online easily.

patech va chuoi bai pr quang cao san pham tren bao dien tu

PR articles of PATECH on online newspapers

Distributing technology accessories product lines from many different brands, but the most prominent in Patech still have to mention: Mad Catz, Pisen and Newmen. Each brand has its own strong product lines. And to widely introduce to young customers, booking PR articles on online newspapers is an extremely smart choice of Patech.

Patech selected 5 major newspapers and forums as:


In particular, is a large, reputable newspaper with a diverse audience segment. The remaining 4 newspapers and forums are information channels favored by young people – the users that Patech targets for its products.

1. PR article for Pisen power bank on

Pisen is a brand exclusively distributed by Patech in Vietnam. For 10 consecutive years, Pisen has continuously been one of the leading brands in the technology accessories industry in terms of production output and sales.

In a PR article on, Patech has chosen to introduce to readers the first 20W fast charging power bank for Pisen’s Iphone 12.

From design to outstanding features of the product are introduced in detail in the article:

Patech đăng bài PR trên Kênh 14

Patech đăng bài PR trên Kênh 14

2. PR articles for Mad Catz’s wireless mouse kit on, and

If you are a gamer, you must have known the Mad Catz brand. This is considered one of the leading brands that are loved for gaming accessories on the market. Especially, the computer mouse products of this brand have modules, which can be removed and installed to suit many hand sizes.

In 2021, Mad Catz launches a set of 3 unique gaming mice equipped with the world’s first mechanical switch. For gamers who want to know about these products quickly, choosing big newspapers, or websites about games and technology will be the ideal method.

  • Patech’s PR article in Technology Category on

Patech đăng bài PR trên báo Vietnamnet

Patech đăng bài PR trên báo Vietnamnet

>>> Link to the article:

  • Patech’s PR article in PC/Console Category on

Patech đăng bài PR trên

Patech đăng bài PR trên

>>> Link to the article:

  • Patech’s PR article in Advertising – Promotion Category on

Patech đăng bài PR trên Tinhte,vn

Patech đăng bài PR trên Tinhte,vn

>>> Link to the article: /#menuid2

3. PR article for Newmen wireless mechanical keyboard on

Newmen is well known as a brand with keyboards, mice and computer accessories for the office. In Vietnam, Patech is currently the exclusive distributor of this brand.

At the beginning of 2021, Newmen made a strong attack on the Esports market with the “Excellent Kungfu” Wireless Mechanical Keyboard GM610 and the new generation Wireless Dual Mechanical Keyboard GM335. The entire design and detailed information about the features of these two keyboards are detailed in the PR article on online newspaper.

Patech’s PR was posted in Digital Toys Category.

Patech đăng bài PR trên

Patech đăng bài PR trên

>>> Link to the article: -do-crab-newmen-20210428122430796.chn

Sixth Sense Media – Online newspaper advertising agency for Patech

Sixth Sense Media is pleased to accompany Patech through all 5 PR articles on online newspapers during 4 months. Based on the content provided by customers, Sixth Sense selects the right newspapers to publish PR articles with optimal effectiveness. In addition, we also have support in terms of editing and re-orienting articles to match the regulations of each newspaper.

If you need to find a company that supports writing PR articles, and booking advertising on the system of reputable and quality online newspapers, forums, and websites, please contact Sixth Sense Media immediately!

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