The PR article on Vneconomy online newspaper was used by Milano Coffee to promote its brand and introduce its franchise store chain benefits.

The story of the Milano Coffee brand

Milano Coffe is a popular coffee brand. The first store opened in 2011, but in fact, the owner of Milano Coffee has entered the coffee market since 1996.

With experience and deep understanding of the market, Milano Coffe chooses to develop “slowly but surely”. Not constantly opening a series of new stores, each Milano Coffe store has a methodical investment in the system of machinery and materials, shaped in a unified style.

And in 2017, Milano Coffee officially usurped the throne of Trung Nguyen coffee king when there were 1,400 stores present in 52 provinces and cities nationwide. The affordable franchise cost will be suitable for many investors. In particular, all of them are supported by Milano Coffee in the supply of hygienic quality products, operation training, marketing, customer management applications with modern CRM, etc.

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Milano Coffee’s PR article on Vneconomy online newspaper

In 2020, despite facing many difficulties from the Covid-19 epidemic, there are still 179 franchised Milano Coffee shops. In order to create more new business opportunities for investors, Milano Coffee increases communication, promotes benefits and attractive franchise programs by using PR article to advertise on online newspapers.

The article is developed by pointing out the difficulties, challenges and competitiveness of popular coffee shops in the modern era. From there, provide a solution for investors who should use franchised brands for support, proper training and adequate supply from materials to machinery, or how to operate, employee management, revenue and expenditure.

With more than 10 years of experience in organizing and implementing hundreds of franchised cafes, Milano Coffee is a reputable brand for investors to trust. All the benefits investors receive as well as the quick transfer process have been fully outlined in the article by the brand.

Milano Coffee’s PR article was posted in the “Consumption and Use” section of the online newspaper Vneconomy. The article is also displayed in the featured news section on the homepage, attracting readers as soon as they access the page. In addition, in the article, there are more links to the website, brand fanpage to increase credibility and interact with visitors.

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