Nguyen Minh Hai – Facebook Marketing expert promoted personal brand building through PR articles on 4 prestigious online newspapers:,, and Yeah1.

Nguyen Minh Hai – The path to becoming a Facebook Marketing expert

Facebook has become a potential market to develop in Vietnam. Therefore, the demand for using Facebook marketing services is also increasing. And young man Nguyen Minh Hai was also quickly attracted to this type of service.

In 2015, after demobilized, Nguyen Minh Hai became acquainted with a brother in the profession. He was guided, gradually exposed and then passionate about facebook marketing from no time. And then he chose his entrepreneurial path from his hometown of Binh Dinh.

But his career path was not lined with roses. Nguyen Minh Hai also encountered many difficulties and failures to be able to become a famous name in the Facebook marketing market.

Having great passion, as well as the desire to contribute to the homeland and help young people, Nguyen Minh Hai has opened many free training classes, helping many young people get rich from their own hometown.

pr thuong hieu ca nhan nguyen minh hai tren bao dien tu

PR plan for personal brand of Nguyen Minh Hai

As an expert in Facebook marketing, Nguyen Minh Hai certainly cannot ignore building his personal brand. Specifically, he has developed a plan to deploy personal PR articles on 4 major online newspapers. Articles were published in the appropriate category pages, and also displayed in the featured news section on the homepage to attract more readers.

Without using a common template, in each newspaper, PR articles about Nguyen Minh Hai are flexibly modified, creating attractiveness and innovation in terms of words.

In addition to sharing about the career journey and training for young people, Nguyen Minh Hai also shared a lot of useful information for those who are intending to implement marketing on Facebook.

PR articles bring good effects for personal branding. That is:

  • Increase the level of prestige, solid personal brand positioning.
  • Raise influence, make many readers, potential customers know.
  • Links to articles in major newspapers are an important addition, increasing the professionalism of your online profile.
  • Personal PR articles easily connect, create sympathy and let readers understand you better.

1. PR article in Business – Enterprise Category on online newspaper

>>>Read the full article at:

2. PR article in the News Category of online newspaper

>>>Read the full article at:

3. PR article in the Social Category of online newspaper

>>>Read the full article at:

4. PR post in the Life Category on Yeah1 online newspaper

>>>Read the full article at:

5. The second PR post in Business – Enterprise Category on online newspaper

>>>Read the full article at:


We are the agency that has accompanied with consulting and planning to PR personal brand for Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai in the appropriate newspapers and posting positions.

With many years of experience, in addition to consulting on display positions, we always have a team of professional editors to support investors on how to deploy and write attractive PR articles, ensuring compliance with regulations. of each newspaper at an affordable cost.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

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