Vietnam Post has announced the licensing of payment intermediary services with 3 PR articles published on Vnexpress, CafeF and VnEconomy online newspapers.

About Vietnam Post

Vietnam Post is the leading enterprise in the field of post and telecommunications in Vietnam today.

Vietnam Post has a network of more than 13,000 transaction points, serving customers nationwide. Vietnam Post has the ability to connect to rural areas, remote areas, or borders and islands. Besides, Vietnam Post also has 5 international post offices, ensuring global circulation and connectivity.

Referring to Vietnam Post, now, it is no longer just a unit transporting letters and ordinary goods. Vietnam Post constantly provides customers with new and more convenient services such as money transfer, payment services, agency services (life insurance agents, non-life insurance agents, e-ticket agents). and other agency services).

Especially, with the promotion of digital technology, VNP’s services are now being exploited and provided online with great convenience.

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Vietnam Post’s PR articles on online newspapers

In 2021, Vietnam Post has achieved an important milestone in business digitization, which is the issuance of a payment intermediary license from the State Bank of Vietnam. That means that from here, VNP completely has a full legal basis to provide services: e-wallet, electronic payment gateway, money transfer support.

The outstanding advantage of these services is the quick execution of transactions with just “one touch” and most importantly, absolute confidentiality and safety. The geographical distance is completely eliminated because you can make transactions anywhere, eliminating the technological gap between urban and rural areas.

Vietnam Post has selected the largest and best quality online newspapers to publish PR articles about its payment intermediary service. Articles are written by professional editors of Sixth Sense Media.

The purpose of the PR articles is to highlight the strengths after the Payment Intermediary License is approved. Keeping the main content, but in each newspaper article published, the PR article will be rewritten to be new, attractive and avoid duplication.

1. VNP’s PR article published on Vnexpress online newspaper

The PR article was posted in the Business category – one of the highest traffic categories of Vnexpress newspaper. Besides, the PR post was also displayed for about 4 hours in the featured news section on the homepage, attracting more readers to watch.

>>> Link to the article:

2. PR article on CafeF online newspaper of Vietnam Post

PR article on CafeF was posted in Business Category. This article was developed in a short news format. The advantage of short posts will be suitable for modern readers, helping them save time and fully absorb information.

>>> Link to the article:

3. Vietnam Post’s PR article on Vneconomy online newspaper

PR article was posted in the Finance Category and displayed in the featured section of the category on the homepage.

>>> See the article at:


In the PR campaign of Vietnam Post on the online newspaper, Sixth Sense Media is honored to participate in the following roles:

  • Consulting, helping VNP to choose the right online newspaper and posting position as required.
  • Write PR articles, edit different content published in 3 different newspapers
  • Booking, speeding up the browsing process and posting ads.

And our joy is the customer’s satisfaction when taking over the campaign. Sixth Sense Media implements all online booking projects, writes PR articles to publish with the heart, enthusiasm and high level of expertise.

If you are interested in the service, please contact Sixth Sense Media immediately for the most detailed advice and rate cards!

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