Vietlott quảng cáo taxi Group tại Hà Nội

Vietlott’s taxi advertising project is deployed on the Group taxi system in Hanoi and Hoang Anh taxi in Hai Phong.

1. About Vietlott computerized lottery

Vietlott appeared in 2016, bringing an extremely new type of computerized lottery to Vietnam. This type of lottery is issued by the Computer Lottery Company, a company established around the end of 2011 and completely owned by the State, so players do not need to worry about anything when participating.

The way to participate in Vietlott is different from traditional lotteries. Instead of just choosing a lottery ticket with a fixed sequence of numbers, Vietlott computerized lottery allows players to freely choose a pair of numbers or a sequence of numbers they want. This will make players feel different, interesting, and actively choose numbers that can change their lives.

The most special feature that makes Vietlott attract countless players right from its appearance is its extremely attractive prizes. The prize money can range from tens of millions to tens or even hundreds of billions of dong depending on the value of each prize. If the lucky player has not been found, the prize money will be accumulated for the next spins and so on until the owner of that “huge” prize is found. That’s what makes players anxiously wait for Vietlott results every day.


2. Taxi advertising project for Vietlott Lottery in 2023

For each lottery ticket of 10,000 VND, Vietlott will contribute 3,000 VND to the local budget on behalf of the player. Both to increase recognition and to let more customers know about this meaningful policy of Vietlott, an advertising project on taxis has been implemented by the company.

Vietlott’s taxi advertising project took place for 3 months in Hanoi and Hai Phong. In each city, Vietlott chooses the appropriate taxi company and deployment method.

2.1. Vietlott advertises on Group taxis in Hanoi

In Hanoi, Vietlott chose the capital’s largest taxi company, Group Taxi. This is a reputable car company, owning a fleet of modern, new cars with eye-catching aesthetics.

Taxi Group advertising is deployed in the form of pasting advertisements on the two back doors of the taxi. This location is right in the line of sight of passersby. Vietlott’s advertising maquette with bright red color appears on the car, attracting thousands of viewers on the busy streets of the capital.

Vietlott quảng cáo taxi Group tại Hà Nội

Vietlott quảng cáo taxi Group tại Hà Nội

2.2. Vietlott advertises on Hoang Anh taxis in Hai Phong

In Hai Phong, Vietlott launched an advertising campaign on Hoang Anh taxis. Hoang Anh is known as the largest taxi company in Hai Phong, owning a system of super prominent pink cars with great attraction every time they appear on the road.

The advertising campaign on Vietlott’s Hoang Anh taxi was also implemented in the form of advertising decals on both sides of the taxi’s back door. The advertising size is quite large, quickly attracting great attention from passersby, increasing awareness of the Vietlott brand.

Vietlott quảng cáo taxi Hoàng Anh tại Hải Phòng

Vietlott quảng cáo taxi Hoàng Anh tại Hải Phòng


This is the second time that Sixth Sense Media has had the honor of implementing a taxi advertising project for Vietlott. In 2022, we also implemented the Advertising campaign on Hoang Anh Taxi in Hai Phong for Vietlott. That’s why in this project, Sixth Sense Media quickly grasped the brand’s requirements, built a plan and deployed advertising accordingly.

With the taxi advertising project in 2 cities, with many years of experience, Sixth Sense Media is fully responsible for: car rental, printing, construction, acceptance, and advertising warranty. All takes place on time as desired by the customer, with a commitment to quality and certainly the most competitive price quote compared to the market.

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