Phenikaa Lighting Quảng cáo taxi G7 tại Hà Nội

Phenikaa Lighting’s taxi advertising project is deployed on a scale of 3 provinces and cities: Hanoi, Hai Phong and Thanh Hoa in 3 months. The purpose of the project is to introduce products and increase brand awareness of Phenikaa Lighting.

1. Phenikaa – Natural lighting brand for health

Phenikaa Lighting is known as a led product line that applies Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian natural lighting technology researched and developed by Phenikaa Group. These LED lines are aimed at protecting health, providing a source of natural light for optimal absorption of the human eye.

Phenikaa Lighting currently has 5 main LED lines including Essenaa, Balagraa, Sunaa, Healthaa and Tunaturaa. The advantages of the Phenikaa Lighting led lines are:

  • Save more than 85% energy compared to incandescent bulbs for a pleasant feeling to the eyes all day long.
  • Color temperatures vary from bright white, neutral light and warm light to meet a variety of lighting needs for many projects.
  • Designed to new standards to meet the balance of users’ visual, emotional and biological needs.

It can be said that the appearance of Phenikaa Lighting has marked a strong step forward in the current LED lighting industry. All products are manufactured on modern technological lines, in factories meeting international standards.

phenikaa lighting

2. Taxi advertising project for Phenikaa Lighting

Bringing a new breakthrough in the industry, Phenikaa Lighting does not forget to promote advertising so that more consumers can know and choose its quality led product lines. Therefore, Phenikaa Lighting has launched a taxi advertising campaign.

The taxi advertising project helps Phenikaa Lighting achieve the following purposes and requirements:

  • An impressive and mobile form of advertising that actively attracts passers-by.
  • The ability to reach a large mass of customers.
  • Scaling up communication, product and brand image coverage everywhere.
  • Taxi ads with continuous and repeated display frequency are constantly attracting and increasing brand recognition.
  • Cost-effective advertising compared to many other advertising channels.

In each province and city, Phenikaa chooses popular local taxi companies, while ensuring constant display frequency but also significantly saving advertising costs.

Advertising on G7 taxis in Hanoi

Phenikaa Lighting Quảng cáo taxi G7 tại Hà Nội

Phenikaa Lighting Quảng cáo taxi G7 tại Hà Nội

Phenikaa Lighting Quảng cáo taxi G7 tại Hà Nội

Phenikaa Lighting Quảng cáo taxi G7 tại Hà Nội

Advertising on Hoang Anh taxi in Hai Phong

Phenikaa Lighting quảng cáo taxi Hoàng Anh Hải Phòng

Phenikaa Lighting quảng cáo taxi Hoàng Anh Hải Phòng

Advertising on on Mekong Thanh Hoa taxi

Phenikaa Lighting quảng cáo taxi Mekong Thanh Hóa

Phenikaa Lighting quảng cáo taxi Mekong Thanh Hóa


Sixth Sense Media is pleased to be the partner to carry out the entire taxi advertising project for Phenikaa Lighting in 3 different provinces and cities. The advertising project takes place in 3 months and we guarantee all of:

  • Design and print advertising
  • Installing advertising decals on taxis quickly
  • Warranty on all decals for the entire advertising period
  • Acceptance report at the beginning and end of the campaign
  • The most affordable rate card

With long-term experience, optimal support service, Sixth Sense Media is very happy to bring satisfaction to customers from quality to taxi advertising service rate card!

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