Luxury Roadshow ô tô 45 chỗ ấn tượng của Bất động sản An Gia

The “big guys” in the real estate industry always know how to make a difference in advertising. A typical example can be seen is the Luxury roadshow campaign of An Gia Real Estate Group which has been launched for 7 consecutive weeks!

An Gia Real Estate and The Standard Central Park Binh Duong project

Established in 2006, An Gia is a company specializing in providing real estate services. Until 2014, through the cooperation with investment capital from Creed Group (Japan), An Gia Investment started to invest and develop many housing and apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City. An Gia’s newest project is The Standard Central Park.

nha dieu hanh Du an The Standard Central Park

The Standard Central Park Binh Duong is an isolated townhouse project with a luxurious resort style

An Gia brings resort style into The Standard townhouse project. With a prime location, it only takes about 10 minutes from The Standard Central Park to Binh Duong New City, Thu Dau Mot City, Di An City, Thuan An City.

The Standard Binh Duong owns outstanding facilities in terms of: luxury apartments, spacious central park, open-air amusement park, outdoor cinema, swimming pool, shopping mall, etc. , The Standard is like a miniature city, fully meeting the needs of all aspects for users.

From buying to live or using to rent, The Standard promises to bring profitable investment to owners.

Impressive Luxury Roadshow of An Gia Real Estate

Collaborate with Sixth Sense Media, An Gia Real Estate had successfully created their roadshow campaign for The Standard Central Park Project in Ho Chi Minh City & Binh Duong.

Luxury roadshow uses 45-seat cars to advertise. With a large vinyl decal, car wrap advertising makes a strong impression on passersby. It can change the color and entire look of your vehicles quickly, making way for vibrant, unique, and noticeable branding.

An Gia uses 4 cars to run the roadshow. However, instead of running in parallel, each vehicle is allocated its own route, creating wider coverage and more repetition frequency in each journey.

Luxury Roadshow ô tô 45 chỗ ấn tượng của Bất động sản An Gia

Impressive and luxurious advertising maquette

Luxury Roadshow ô tô 45 chỗ ấn tượng của Bất động sản An Gia

Car wrap attracts passersby from many directions

Luxury Roadshow ô tô 45 chỗ ấn tượng của Bất động sản An Gia

Ho Chi Minh City’s high traffic density increases ad reach

Luxury Roadshow ô tô 45 chỗ ấn tượng của Bất động sản An Gia

The advertising cars move at a slow speed, increasing the time and number of people reaching the ad.

Before the roadshow, Sixth Sense Media also implemented an bus advertising campaign in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong for An Gia Real Estate.

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An Gia’s trust and return to cooperation is both a joy, a motivation and also a pride in the quality of service that Sixth Sense Media provides, which has been positively responded to by businesses!

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