Dự án luxury roadshow về khu đô thị Nam Sách Central Point

The luxury roadshow project was implemented in 4 days with the purpose of introducing Nam Sach Central Point urban area across Hai Duong province. With an impressive display, the project has highlighted and attracted countless people’s attention, looking for potential customers to come to Nam Sach Central Point.

1. Nam Sach Central Point – Modern urban area in the Northwest of Hai Duong

Nam Sach Central Point urban area project is located in the center of Nam Sach district – the important northwest gateway of Hai Duong province. The urban area also owns a prime location when it is located near many large industrial zones that are being planned in Hai Duong province such as: An Phat 1 Industrial Park, An Phat 2, … Therefore, this urban area is recognized inheriting a synchronous and modern transport system and infrastructure.

Nam Sach Central Point is developed in the direction of becoming a green – smart – modern urban area. The urban area has a diverse system of internal and external utilities such as a square of nearly 2 hectares, parks, lakes, schools, hospitals, etc. The urban area ensures the social security needs of residents.

Nam Sach Central Point was built with 2 main product lines: adjacent land and villas. Multi-purpose adjacent land, both for living and self-exploiting business or for rent, bringing stable cash flow to the owner. In particular, the point for investors to be completely assured is that Nam Sach Central Point urban area has a solid legal status.

The urban area is invested and built by the Alliance of Hoang Thanh Co., Ltd. & Hung Thinh Group Co., Ltd. – 2 reputable investors with many projects that have come into operation effectively in Hai Duong province. The project has now completed the entire utility infrastructure system and is eligible for sales.

nam sách central point

2. Luxury roadshow project about Nam Sach Central Point Urban Area

In order to increase awareness and attract more customers, the investors of Nam Sach Central Point decided to organize a luxury roadshow to introduce the urban area.

Luxury roadshow is a form of advertising roadshow on 45-seat cars. A special feature here is that advertising images and content will be displayed in large size, covering the entire exterior of the car, except for the front glass. The 45-seat car has now become a giant mobile advertising box on the street.

Dự án luxury roadshow về khu đô thị Nam Sách Central Point

Nam Sach Central Point uses green as the main color, expressing the spirit of a green urban area on the advertising maquette. The advertising content is simply and concisely conveyed about the location, selling price and contact phone number for advice and information about this urban area.

The roadshow car parade route is carefully researched, selecting areas with high traffic, creating maximum and continuous display effect. The project was implemented in 4 days, the image of Nam Sach Central Point urban area was also transmitted non-stop, increasing brand recognition in the minds of customers.

Here are some pictures of the luxury roadshow project of Nam Sach Central Point in Hai Duong:

Dự án luxury roadshow về khu đô thị Nam Sách Central Point

Dự án luxury roadshow về khu đô thị Nam Sách Central Point

Dự án luxury roadshow về khu đô thị Nam Sách Central Point

Dự án luxury roadshow về khu đô thị Nam Sách Central Point


Sixth Sense Media is honored to be trusted by Nam Sach Central Point to deliver this luxury roadshow project in Hai Duong. We undertake all stages of roadshow organization including: car rental, design, printing, advertising decals, license application and roadshow management.

With many years of experience and many similar projects have been implemented, Sixth Sense Media is confident and has brought a campaign according to the requirements from the investor of Nam Sach Central Point. During the 4 days of the project being implemented, the roadshow car paraded according to the right route, time, impressive aesthetic form to attract viewers with the best cost in the market.

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