Casynet đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Dân trí và VnExpress

PR articles for Casynet e-commerce platform were directly consulted, assisted in writing articles and posting ads in the business categories by Sixth Sense Media.

CASYNET – The first specialized e-commerce platform for cars and motorbikes

Casynet is an ecosystem established by Northen Capital Investment Joint Stock Company. For the first time, not only products but also services related to cars and motorbikes are “on the floor”. Casynet provides up to 10 different service items including: Car wash, oil change; Vehicle repair; Toy accessories; Tires and batteries; Car care; Buying and selling cars; Rescue service; Car rental; Machinery and vehicle spare parts; Other related products and services.

The difference of Casynet compared to some e-commerce platforms that have posted cars and motorbikes for sale is to ensure the interests of both buyers and business owners. Each registered store is supported to build its own sales page, optimize SEO work, easily interact, give online advice or send messages to users. Customers can actively search for all kinds of products according to their needs and budget or book an appointment to buy, sell and repair cars.

As a specialized ecosystem, regardless of whether you are a user or a service provider, you will receive optimal benefits when participating in Casynet.

Casynet đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Dân trí và VnExpress

The role of Sixth Sense Media in Casynet’s online newspaper advertising campaign

Sixth Sense Media has directly participated in writing and booking PR articles on Dan Tri and VnExpress online newspapers for Casynet.

1. CASYNET’s PR article on Dan Tri online newspaper

In the PR article on Dan Tri online newspaper, Sixth Sense Media has deployed the article in a news format. Specifically, referring to the e-commerce market, the difficulties when buying cars and motorbikes online and then providing the solution is to participate in the Casynet ecosystem.

The article follows the right PR nature, presents problems and reasonable solutions, convincing readers. The Casynet brand appears naturally, at the right “point” of effective and sophisticated communication.

The PR article was posted in the Business category – one of the most read categories on Dan Tri online newspaper. The article was also displayed on the homepage to attract more customers to read.

Casynet đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Dân trí

Casynet đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Dân trí

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2. CASYNET’s PR article on VnExpress online newspaper

In the VnExpress newspaper, the PR article was led and mentioned immediately about the Casynet e-commerce platform. The article was brief, but full of convincing arguments, outlining the biggest advantages that buyers and business owners should participate in Casynet.

When published in the Business category of  VnExpress, the post quickly received many positive responses from readers in the comments section below. All are real interactions, showing that the ability to connect ads on VnEpress with readers is very good.

Casynet đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Vnexpress

Casynet đăng bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Vnexpress

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Sixth Sense Media’s articles for clients are all written by a team of professional editors, experienced in long-term cooperation with newspapers. We know and help customers deploy PR articles according to the standard style and regulation of each newspaper while still ensuring the attractiveness and highlighting of products and services.

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