Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa chose 2 large, reputable, high-traffic newspapers to publish PR articles. These are “Dan Tri” and “Health and Life” online newspaper.  


Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa established its first facility in 2014 in Korea. Until 2016, realizing the potential market in Vietnam, Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa officially opened the first branch in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. And so far, Gangwhoo has developed 2 more facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong.

Bringing the most advanced beauty technology with modern machinery system, Gangwhoo becomes a prestigious beauty address for women. The beauty salon focuses on developing 5 core areas: Plastic surgery; Plastic surgery disaster handling; Skin treatment; Spa treatments; Cosmetic dentistry.

Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa converges highly qualified doctors and experienced professionals. Customers will experience 5-star quality services, international standards at very affordable prices.

tmv gangwhoo dang bai pr quang cao tren bao mang dien tu

Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa booked PR articles to advertise on online newspapers

In 2021, Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa promotes non-surgical fat reduction and high-tech breast augmentation. In order to widely introduce to customers, Gangwhoo published PR articles in “Dan Tri” and “Health and Life” online newspaper.

Selecting 2 large and reputable newspapers, Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa showed its quality. Because, all brands that book ads on these two newspapers need an operating license and detailed quality appraisal. Along with high traffic, promotional articles attracted impressive views.

TMV Gangwhoo book bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Dân trí

Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa’s PR article on Dan Tri online newspaper

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2 PR articles are deployed objectively. This is a mandatory element that businesses that book advertising need to know. All information posted in the article must be authentic, displayed in the appropriate category to reach the right target customer group of the business.

In addition to the category page, Gangwhoo’s PR articles were also displayed in the featured news outside the homepage. This helped to improve the advertising ability to reach customers. The article presented logic, arranged more reasonable illustrations, increased the persuasion of readers.

TMV Gangwhoo book bài PR quảng cáo trên báo Sức khỏe đời sống

Gangwhoo’s PR article for non-surgical fat reduction technology on Health and Life online newspaper

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Sixth Sense Media is pleased to cooperate in 2 projects to publish advertisements on online newspapers of Gangwhoo Clinic and Spa in 2021. Receiving information from customers, we have consulted and helped investors choose suitable ad placement.

Besides, with many years of experience, Sixth Sense also provides support in terms of content and article layout to match the criteria of each newspaper.

The ad approval process was carried out quickly, with attractive discounts only available from longtime online booking partners like Sixth Sense Media!

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