Dầu ăn Tường An quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

The advertising project on Vinasun Taxi of Tuong An Cooking Oil was launched on the occasion of the Lunar New Year – the time when customers have the greatest shopping demand.

1. Tuong An Cooking Oil – The journey to conquer customers

Tuong An Vegetable Oil Joint Stock Company was established on November 20, 1977. After nearly half a century of companionship, now, Tuong An has become a national brand that has entered the hearts of generations of Vietnamese people.

The difference and creating a position to help Tuong An compete in the market is the understanding of customers. The company continuously launches a variety of product lines that are not only good for health but also have the ability to preserve the flavor, crispness and attractive color of Vietnamese dishes. The production process is designed to be closed and tight to perfection from the inspection of input materials to the final stage of finished products to produce quality products.

Tuong An has been continuously named “High Quality Vietnamese Goods” for 19 consecutive years, demonstrating the quality and preference of Vietnamese consumers for these products. Although there are many brands of cooking oil from abroad, Tuong An is still one of the brands that customers trust.

Dầu ăn Tường An

2. Advertising project on Vinasun Taxi of Tuong An Cooking Oil

Tuong An’s taxi advertising campaign is deployed on the largest taxi company in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s Vinasun taxi. This choice is completely reasonable because Vinasun taxi not only ensures a beautiful vehicle system, but Vinasun taxi ads also have a large operating area, displayed continuously on crowded roads.

Dầu ăn Tường An quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Advertising maquette is affixed to either side of the cab door for maximum visibility. Each taxi end will carry two mobile billboards, which appear on the street almost throughout the day, even when the vehicle is stopped or parked. On the occasion of Tet, the demand for travel increases, advertising has more and more opportunities to reach customers.

Dầu ăn Tường An quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Taxi advertising in general and advertising on Vinasun taxis like Tuong An choose to create good competitiveness for businesses. Taxi advertising has the ability to actively attract customers, not standing next to competitors like billboards or other media. And especially, the cost of advertising taxis is extremely affordable!

Dầu ăn Tường An quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM


The advertising campaign on Vinasun taxi in Ho Chi Minh City of Tuong An Cooking Oil is undertaken from A – Z by Sixth Sense Media. With our long experience, professional relationships and excellent staff, we bring to you an effective advertising project, the most economical for investors. And in fact, after the campaign was completed, Tuong An also had many positive reviews about us.

Sixth Sense Media provides nationwide taxi advertising services. We provide advertising services on dozens of different large and small taxi companies, undertaking all campaigns from small to large scale.

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