Quảng cáo Điều hòa Midea trên xe taxi Group tại Hà Nội

Advertising on Group Taxi in Hanoi is the “hello summer” advertising campaign of Midea Air Conditioner to connect to tens of millions of customers in the capital. The advertising project was implemented for 3 months to promote people’s demand for buying air conditioners in hot weather.

1. Midea air conditioner – Magical cold

Midea was established in 1968 in China. This is a corporation specializing in the production and sales of air handling equipment, refrigeration equipment, household electrical appliances and kitchen equipment. In 2016, Midea made a special mark when winning complex HVAC (Heating Air Conditioning Systems) solutions in all 12 stadiums for sports games in Brazil.

Midea air conditioner product lines also quickly conquered a large part of Vietnamese consumers. The advantage of Midea air conditioner is its compact, modern design and good cooling capacity. Besides, there are many other advanced features such as: wind direction by control, refrigerant leak detection, automatic cleaning mode, turbo mode, ionier function, follow me …

Midea air conditioner becomes one of the worthy competitors with other famous air conditioner brands in the market. Products in the low-priced – high-quality air conditioner segment. Midea air conditioners have many options for both civil and industrial works.

Điều hòa Midea

2. Advertising project on Group Taxi for Midea Air Conditioner

The advertising battle between air conditioner brands often takes place quite intensely during the peak summer season. That means the competition rate is very high. If there is no suitable strategy, it will cause a waste of budget without achieving the expected effect.

From that actual situation, it can be seen that Midea Air Conditioner’s selection of advertising on Group Taxi in Hanoi is absolutely correct!

Quảng cáo Điều hòa Midea trên xe taxi Group tại Hà Nội

Firstly, the advertising campaign on the Group taxi of Midea Air Conditioner is deployed in the form of advertising decals in maquette on the 2 rear doors of the car. Ads appear as mobile billboards on the street, quickly attracting the attention of a large number of mass customers.

Second, Midea chose Taxi Group – the largest taxi company in the capital to deploy advertising. Taxi Group has a wide operating area both inside and outside the city. The taxis run continuously almost 24/24h putting advertising displayed repeatedly in public view.

Quảng cáo Điều hòa Midea trên xe taxi Group tại Hà Nội

Third, advertising on Group Taxi with a constant frequency of impact every day will impress customers, thereby remembering the brand.

Fourth, taxi advertising is a solution to limit direct competition with competitors. Each taxi billboard stands independently, only reminding customers of your brand, not “touching” with other brands.

Quảng cáo Điều hòa Midea trên xe taxi Group tại Hà Nội

Fifth, the cost of implementing Group taxi advertising is quite economical. Compared to other forms such as billboards, led screens, and advertisements on radio, taxi advertising is much cheaper.

Quảng cáo Điều hòa Midea trên xe taxi Group tại Hà Nội


Sixth Sense Media is pleased to be a companion in the advertising campaign on Group taxis in Hanoi of Midea Air Conditioner. The advertising campaign is implemented by us directly from A – Z, without intermediaries and has a clear commitment to quality and progress with customers.

Sixth Sense Media has more than 12 years of experience in the taxi advertising industry in particular and outdoor advertising in general. We offer a full package of advertising services, guaranteeing the best prices for every business!

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